2018 Annual Report - Public Education

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2018 Annual Report - Public Education

CGA provides ongoing public education and outreach to achieve broad support and acceptance of renewables

  • The rebranding of Wind on the Wires to Clean Grid Alliance was a major project and accomplishment in 2018. 

Benefit breakfast and name change announcement sparked the most Twitter engagement of the year: 
121,000 impressions
1,500 profile visits and 
57 new followers

  • Twitter:  Average monthly impressions increased nearly 50% in 2018. Our current average is 44,000 impressions/month. We saw a large spike in September due to our 2018 breakfast event and name change announcement, both of which sparked the most engagement for the year, with 121,000 impressions, 1,500 profile visits and 57 new followers. We also saw a spike during American Wind Week, with 49 new Twitter followers and 79,100 impressions.
  • Radio:  We continued our radio campaign in 2018, expanding it to cover the entire year.  The program delivered 2,303,200 listener impressions on adults 18+. This is the number of times a listener hears the ad.  Using the “just smart” tag line, the ads covered positive messaging around cost, benefits to rural communities, jobs, economic development, and reliability.  We also wrote supporting blogs, social media posts and memes to support the campaign theme each month.
  • Blog:  Visitors to our blog grew 62% from 258/month to 419/month. We published 27 articles to our blog in 2018.
  • Champions newsletter: Subscribers to this external newsletter grew 138% in 2018.
  • Wind Works Michigan held a webinar to present the Lessons Learned document that came out of the Wind Energy Stakeholder Committee effort in 2017 co-lead by CGA and 5 Lakes Energy.
  • Google AdwordsWe received a grant from Google for their Nonprofit Google Adwords program.  Results for the program have been very good.
    • More than $4,300 in ads covered by the Grant
    • 31,000 ad impressions have been delivered
    • Google Adwords has increased traffic to our website by 24% since we started in May
    • More than 2,100 click-throughs to our website
      • 90% of Fact Sheet downloads are coming from Google Adwords
      • 12% of Project Map page visits are from Google Adwords
      • 8% of Blog visits are from Google Adwords
  • To support the Cardinal Hickory Creek (CHC) transmission line, we prepared a blog post and wrote a Letter to the Editor, which was submitted and placed in 4 Wisconsin newspapers.  We also created Google Ads targeted to specific counties where the line would run.  Since the ads started in September, Cardinal Hickory Creek was our fourth most popular ad group, resulting in 34 clicks and an 18% click-through rate.  In November, ads for CHC resulted in the highest click-through rate of all our search keywords for the month at 48% and contributed 9.8% of all ad-driven traffic to our website.   Read more.
  • American Wind Week 2018: we placed an LTE in South Dakota, an op-Ed in Morning Consult, arranged a radio interview on “Energy Matters” in North Dakota, placed a digital banner ad on two radio station websites in Minnesota reaching 35,000 people, and attended several events. We also coordinated a wind farm site visit for several legislators in cooperation with the Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum.