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Renewable Portfolio Standard

  • Utility Specific: Detroit Edison 693 MW of wind resources by 2023, plus 465 MW of wind to meet the demand of its Voluntary Green Pricing program and 525 MW of solar by 2030.

Consumer Energy

  • Renewable Energy Targets: 25% by 2025 (which include 550 MW by 2021), 37% by 2030, 43% by 2040, 220 MW of solar by 2023 and a total of 6,350 MW of solar by 2040.

Key Issues

  • Growth of utility-scale wind, solar and battery resources through the utilities' Integrated Resource Plans.
  • Personal Property Tax reform

CGA Staff Liaison

Sean Brady,

Important State Links

Michigan Clean Power Plan Process

Michigan Public Service Commission

Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth
This webpage provides links to wind and solar energy resources for Michigan,
such as resource maps, programs, case studies, and publications.

Michigan Agency for Energy