Expert leaders direct our vision

The Clean Grid Alliance Board of Directors is comprised of a proportional balance of CGA member companies representing for-profit and non-profit interests.  This balance of representation sets us apart from other organizations and is viewed as one of our key strengths.

The Board of Directors offers its industry expertise to our strategic decisions, provides leadership, and helps ensure our financial and organizational sustainability. 

Executive Committee of the Board

Chairman of the Board
Adam Sokolski
EDF Renewable Energy

Sarah Johnson Phillips
Stoel Rives LLP

Chair Emeritus
Julie Voeck

Board Members

Jon Chase

Jeff Danielson
American Clean Power Association

Kerri Johannsen
Iowa Environmental Council 

Scott Koziar
Apex Clean Energy

Brian Lammers
Advanced Generation Development/Direct Connect

Nicole Luckey

David Mindham
EDP Renewables

John Moore
Sustainable FERC ProjectNRDC

Beth Soholt
Clean Grid Alliance

John Sterling
Leeward Renewable Energy