Accelerating renewable energy’s path to the electric grid and advancing Midwest clean energy

Our Work at MISO

Why talk transmission?
It takes 3-10 years to plan & construct new transmission. There's no time to waste!
33.3 GW
New Capacity
In 2020, 33.3 GW of new capacity was added to the grid nationwide
52 MIL
Transmission delivers clean energy to over 52 million American homes across the U.S.

How does CGA drive transmission development?

Transmission is critical to delivering low-cost energy when and where it is needed. Achieving a clean energy future requires a robust and reliable grid. Time is of the essence! 

CGA advocates for transmission during the MISO stakeholder processes, at state regulatory commissions, and in the media. The result? A robust grid makes everything better. The grid can accept more renewable generation than ever before, enables coal plant retirements, and ensures a more reliable system for consumers. 


  • Using existing transmission rights from fossil resources for new renewable resources
  • Better use of the existing grid
  • Equitable distribution of new transmission costs
  • Plan and approve regional grid expansion that supports decarbonization
  • Complete MVP line Cardinal-Hickory Creek
  • Identify and build interregional transmission lines to improve reliability and enable more renewable generation
  • Build a coalition to support new transmission siting and routing
  • One transmission planning process for reliability, economic, and interconnection needs


We accelerate transmission toward a clean energy future–together.
20 Years Representing the Environmental Sector
CGA serves on MISO's Advisory Committee and Planning Advisory Committee on behalf of the Environmental Sector.
CapX2020 enables strong wind growth
Completed the $1.7 billion CapX2020 Group I new transmission project in MN, WI, ND & SD to support robust wind power development in the region.
MISO MVP Portfolio
Successfully advocated for the MISO MVP portfolio of 17 transmission lines and equitable cost allocation, which enabled 25,000 MW of renewables.
Continuous Improvement in Interconnection
CGA's education and advocacy has resulted in 4 major queue reform changes that have made MISO's interconnection process a national model.
MTEP includes higher renewables; greater decarbonization
Advocated for including higher penetration of renewable energy in transmission planning studies at MISO.
Supported RIIA
Supported MISO's Renewable Integration Impact Assessment, which is helping justify the need for significantly more transmission.
Endorsed LRTP and cost allocation
Supported MISO's Long Range Transmission Planning Process and cost allocation discussions, which are expected to result in $10 - $30 billion in approved transmission additions in 2022 and beyond.
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Vision for the future spells more renewable energy and more jobs