One solution is clear as day: Solar power creates jobs, drives innovation, and strengthens our economy as a key player in moving the Midwest toward a renewable energy future.

Map of Solar Projects

Why Shine a Light on Solar?
Since 2009, the cost of solar has fallen 90%
1 MW
Only 7-10 acres of land is needed per Megawatt
The Midwest has 36,837 jobs in the solar industry

How does CGA make solar soar?

Drought resistant. Environmentally friendly. Solar is the cash crop that doesn't fail. A reliable source of natural energy, solar is a vast resource that can supply a significant portion of the Midwest's electricity needs.

CGA understands the importance of a diversified energy grid, and supports a robust solar market as a bright light in our future's renewable energy portfolio.

CGA shines a light on solar energy in the Midwest by tackling the tough issues like land use, decommissioning, and siting standards for utility-scale solar projects. We advance state policies and engage in utility IRPs and state regulatory processes to help chart the path for new solar development.

And CGA works with members and within MISO to advocate for common-sense policies – all to bring solar's cost savings and additional benefits to life.


  • Promote flexible environmental and co-agricultural benefits 
  • Build partnerships with ag, agencies and community groups to address land-use concerns  
  • Increase the demand for solar power in utility Integrated Resource Plans
  • Support transmission planning at MISO to deliver solar resources
  • Educate on the benefits of solar energy
  • Develop a market-based approach for recycling solar panels
  • Modify the Prime Farmland Exclusion Rule for solar development in Minnesota
  • Establish favorable REC contracts and Minimum Equity Standards for renewable developers when implementing IL CEJA law
CGA delivers wins for solar.
Reducing Taxes
Prevented the Michigan State Tax Commission from implementing an alternative specific personal property tax rate for solar assets that would have been the highest in the Midwest.
Decreasing Solar Dispatch Costs
Eliminating cost barriers to interconnection for solar from 50% to 0% contributed to significant growth of solar in the MISO queue. There is more solar in the MISO queue today than any other resource.
Allowing Surplus Interconnection after Decision Point 2
This first-in-the-nation policy change enables better planning, efficiencies in design and construction, and increased earlier revenues for solar projects. It sets an example for other systems to follow.
Defeated Bad Set-back Bill
Successfully defeated an unreasonable set-back bill in Minnesota that affected state parks, wildlife management areas and other public recreational facilities.
Accelerated Solar + Storage Development
Advocated for the adoption of 1,000 MW solar/wind/storage rather than new natural gas in a utility Integrated Resource Plan in Minnesota.
BLOG | Sep 20, 2023

Permitting and Prime Farmland: An Outdated Rule Stands in the Way of Minnesota’s Clean Energy Transition