Our Work at MISO

The "nitty-gritty" is our bread and butter. We work behind the light switch with MISO to deploy and integrate cost-effective renewables.

1. Why is CGA Working at MISO?

MISO is a key player in a timely transition to a clean energy future. MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator) oversees the regional transmission "grid" and provides an integrated platform for the Midcontinent energy market. A robust transmission grid is the foundation for delivering clean, low-cost energy to consumers, charging electric vehicles, and decarbonizing and electrifying our economy.

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2. CGA's Role at MISO

CGA represents clean energy at the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO). We work on the complex, technical details to ensure renewables have a clear and bright future in the Midwest. Our work includes comprehensive, integrated, forward-looking planning around transmission, wind and solar integration, and storage. Representing the Environmental Sector, we sit on two highly influential committees - the Advisory Committee and the Planning Advisory Committee. We're also plugged in to key committees and work groups to advocate for the best interests of renewable plus storage development and strong environmental policies. Our technical work involves:

  • Participating in transmission planning studies
  • Advocating for fair cost allocation for new transmission lines
  • Developing market rules to integrate renewables into the electric grid system
  • Analyzing integrated system operations with higher amounts of renewable energy
  • Ensuring fair rules for new generation connecting to the grid

3. Committees & Working Groups

CGA's voice represents the needs and best interests of renewables and emerging technologies in MISO committees and working groups. CGA has a long history of influential and effective advocacy in MISO's stakeholder process.

  • As members of the Advisory Committee, CGA offers advice to the Board of Directors and MISO Senior Management on policy matters.
  • We provide guidance to MISO staff on policy related to planning, markets and operations.
  • We also engage on transmission cost allocation, the generator interconnection process, as well as issues related to reliability and markets.
  • Partnering with advocates in other regions, we work to improve transmission connections between regional markets to improve reliability and enable more renewable resources. 

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