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CGA has the winning combination. Our unique blend of NGOs and Industry is an intentional and proven strategy for driving real progress toward a clean energy future.

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1. Access to Industry Experts

Your membership includes access to the CGA team – all experts in the field – all who carry the influence of strategic relationships. Combined, CGA staff have nearly 90 collective years at CGA and 195 years of experience.

Our 20+ years of accomplishments in transmission, regulatory processes, and public policy are proof of CGA's ability to achieve its goals. 

Our expertise runs deep – and so does our success.

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2. Technical Intelligence

We share our knowledge and expertise, and we're not afraid to play the long game. While CGA works on plenty of near-term (1-2 year) issues, we're also laying the groundwork for issues in the mid- and long-term. We understand and embrace the hard work needed today to secure a cleaner and brighter tomorrow for all. 

Our monthly members-only newsletter delivers critical policy and industry information for the nine MISO states (plus MISO South), directly to your in-box. Our members-only website keeps everything in one place for easy reference. 


3. Networking

Connect with like-minded people and organizations at CGA's events and quarterly meetings. 

Working Groups allow you to dig into the details, collaborate with industry peers, and leading eNGOs to help strategize for positive energy policies in the Midwest. 

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