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Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line will help deliver low-cost wind energy

By Guest Author | Jun. 5, 2019
Letter Writing

Building transmission infrastructure is necessary to keep up with the demands of our society’s growing dependence on electricity. Transmission lines like Cardinal-Hickory Creek have the added benefit of delivering wind energy from where it is harvested to where it is used. Since our electric grid operates at a regional level, states connect and trade electricity with other states in a market system, which helps ensure our electric grid is reliable and delivers the lowest-cost energy. 

Turbines-Truck80346a6ea6Without the Cardinal-Hickory Creek line, a bottleneck will occur and, the Midwest will lose access to the cheapest source of new electricity: more wind power. We will also miss out on the jobs, economic development, and land-lease payments that benefit communities that host wind projects.

As supporters of wind power, we must also support transmission lines. If Wisconsin wants to protect its natural beauty and rural character, and access low-cost, clean power, and the opportunity to continue to grow its own renewable energy industry, it must support new transmission capacity, too. Cardinal-Hickory Creek will help keep our electric grid reliable, affordable, and green.  That’s a winning combination.

Natalie McIntire
Mechanical Engineer, Renewable Energy Policy Expert, and former resident of the Driftless Region in Western Wisconsin.


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