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What are property rights?

Property rights are the legal rights that landowners have regarding their land. Property rights determine how land can be used, bought, and sold, and what others can and cannot do on or around that land. Property rights vary widely across the nation and are often determined and altered according to the needs of industries in the area.

Property rights are important to landowners because they help ensure that landowerns have the right to make decisions about how their land is used. Farmers and landowners that lease their land for solar or wind developments are making a personal choice based on the desire to help meet the carbon reduction goals of a local community, to fulfill the renewable energy demands of utilities, corporate purchasers and their customers, or simply to diversify their personal income stream.

Harvesting solar and wind is beneficial to our land, our economy, our values and our communities. To ensure we keep rural America rural, and yet open to economic prosperity for decades to come, property decisions must be left in the hands of landowners.

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