Glossary of Terms

Putting the pieces together

Glossary of Terms

Like many industries, the renewable energy sector is chock-full of acronyms.  Below is a list of terms that are frequently used at MISO, regarding policy, and at regulatory agencies.


Policy Terms

CEIP: Clean Energy Incentive Program, a program of the Clean Power Plan to encourage early investment in renewables

CPP: Clean Power Plan, EPA proposal [111(d) Rule] to cut carbon pollution from power plants  

ITC: Investment Tax Credit, a federal subsidy for solar energy set to expire by 2021

PTC Production Tax Credit, a federal subsidy for wind energy set to expire by 2019

RES: Renewable Energy Standard

RPS: Renewable Portfolio Standards

SIP:  State Implementation Plan, a state’s plan for compliance with the Clean Power Plan

Regulatory Agency Terms

CPP: Clean Power Plan, EPA proposal [111(d) Rule] to cut carbon pollution from power plants  

DCEO: Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

FAC: Federal Advisory Council

FERC: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

PUC: Public Utilities Commission, a quasi-judicial state body that regulates electric utilities

RGOS: Regional Generation Outlet Study

RTO Regional Transmission Operators

General Terms

APC: Adjusted Production Cost

AWEA: American Wind Energy Association

Capacity Factor: The net capacity factor of a power plant is the ratio of the actual output of a power plant over a period of time and its potential output if it had operated at full nameplate capacity the entire time.  Typical capacity factor for wind power:  20-40%

MW: Megawatt – a unit of electricity. Many turbines are ~2 MW

Nameplate Capacity: Rated Power Output Capacity (stated on the package)

RE: Renewable Energy

RFP: Request for Proposal

RERP: Renewable Energy Resources Program

RES: Renewable Energy Standard

RPS: Renewable Portfolio Standard

MISO Terms

BPM: Business Practice Manual

DPI: Definitive Point of Interconnection

DPP: Definitive Planning Phase

EMT: Energy Market Tariff

E-NRIS: External Network Resource Interconnection Study

ERIS: Energy Resource Interconnection Service

FeS: Feasibility Study

FS: Facility Study

GIA: Generator Interconnection Agreement appendix (often at MISO)

GIP: Generation Interconnection Projects

IC: Interconnection Customer

IPSAC: Interregional Planning Stakeholder Advisory Committee (joint committee between MISO & PJM)

IPTF: Interconnection Process Task Force (of MISO)

IR: Interconnection Request

IRP: Integrated Resource Plan

ISO: Independent System Operators

LSE: Load Serving Entity

MEP: Market Efficiency Project (MISO)

MISO: Midcontinent Independent System Operator, the electricity grid operator of the Midwest

MTEP: Midwest Transmission Expansion Plan

MVP: Multi-Value Project

NRIS: Network Resource Interconnection Service

OATT:  Open Access Transmission Tariff

OMS: Organization of MISO States

PAC: Planning Advisory Committee (MISO planning committee)

Pancaking: Fees that are tacked on as electricity flows through a number of transmission systems

POI: Point of Interconnection

Postage Stamp: Flat rates charged for transmission service without regard to distance

PJM: Pennsylvania, Jersey, Maryland. The electricity grid operator of this area.

PRM: Planning Reserve Margin

RECB: Regional Expansion Criteria and Benefits Task Force

SIS: System Impact Study

SPA: System Planning & Analysis

SPP: Southwest Power Pool, the ISO/RTO in the southwest US.

Tariff: Document listing the terms and conditions, including a schedule of prices, under which utility services will be provided.

TO: Transmission Operator