Reports & Studies

Reports & Studies

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Clean Grid Alliance is widely respected in the renewable energy sector for its pragmatism.  We pride ourselves on presenting the facts, as well as using and providing credible sources of information.  

Below are links to numerous studies and reports to help you make informed decisions.

General Information

Answering your questions about wind energy
Enabling Wind Power Nationwide
Review and Status of Wind Integration and Transmission in the U.S.

Benefits of Wind

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What does wind power mean for America?
Farming the Wind: The Impact of Wind Energy on Farming
Wind Power's Consumer Benefits


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Wind Turbines and Health - Executive Summary (2019)
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Wind Turbines and Health (2019)
Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Communicated Disease
Noise annoyance from wind turbines: a review
Low frequency noise and annoyance
Infrasound emission from wind turbines
Environmental impacts of wind-energy projects
The Health Impact of Wind Turbines
Addressing Concerns with Wind Turbines and Human Health
Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects: An Expert Panel Review
Public Health Impacts of Wind Turbines
Environmental noise and health in the UK
Potential Health Impact of Wind Turbines
No Direct Causal Link Between Wind Turbines and Adverse Health Effects
Wind Farms and Human Health
Wind Turbines and Health
Health effects Exposure to Ultrasound and Infrasound
Health effects and wind turbines: a review of the literature
Infrasound and low frequency noise from wind turbines
Wind Turbine Health Impact Study (PPT)
Wind Turbine Health Impact Study: Report of Independent Expert Panel
Report on Health Impacts of Wind Turbines.
Strategic Health Impact Assessment on Wind Energy Development in Oregon 2012
Ultrasound and infrasound: health effects
Summary of Conclusions of 25 Reviews of Research Literature on Wind Farms and Health

Jobs & Economic Development

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Wind Brings Jobs and Economic Development to All 50 States
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MN Wind and Solar Supply Chain Businesses - Feb 2017
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MN Clean Energy - Economic Impacts & Policy Drivers - Energy Transition Lab
MN Clean Energy Economy Profile
Clean Jobs Midwest

Property Values

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Wind Project Effects on Kansas Counties' Property Values
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Relationship between Wind Turbines and Residential Property Values - LBNL
A Spatial Hedonic Analysis of the Effects of Wind Energy Facilities on Surrounding Property Values in the United States


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Wind Energy Helps Build a More Reliable and Balanced Electricity Portfolio
Active Power Control from Wind


Eagle Initiative
Wind Turbine Interactions with Wildlife and their Habitats
Comparison of Reported Effects and Risks to Vertebrate from Six Electricity Generation Types in the New York/New England Region
Avian Mortality at Windows: The Second Largest Human Source of Bird Mortality on Earth
Wind Turbine Interactions with Birds, Bats, and their Habitats:

More Links

DOE. Wind Energy Guide for Commissioners