Rules & Law

Rules & Law
Ensuring policies are interpreted
and implemented fairly
rules and law

Leveraging Technical Expertise 
and Building Support to Expand Markets

Regulatory agencies, like Public Utilities Commissions, are the agents of rules and law.

Advocacy and participation at state and federal agencies is a vital component of the work Clean Grid Alliance does to advance renewable energy in the Midwest.  


Our Approach:

  • Participate:  CGA participates in regulatory processes of state public utilities commissions and other state agencies as well as MISO to ensure transmission projects and other energy policies are implemented and renewables are represented fairly. We also engage in resource planning proceedings to ensure renewables are appropriately included in the energy resource mix.

  • Advocate:  CGA regularly works with expert witnesses to provide testimony and comments in state regulatory proceedings to support outcomes that advance our key priorities.
  • ActivateCGA intervenes in state regulatory dockets, and CGA staff engage in media efforts to support transmission projects. We also mobilize members to participate in regulatory hearings.

Clean Power Plan

CGA will employ its technical expertise to help state agencies develop State Implementation Plans that will take full advantage of low-cost renewables, especially wind.

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Utility IRPs

Intervening in utility integrated resource planning processes ensures CGA can advocate for maximum renewables being included in the energy resource mix in the future.

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Certificates of Need

CGA frequently intervenes in state Certificate of Need proceedings at regulatory agencies to advocate for new transmission that supports more wind development.

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FERC is an independent federal agency that regulates interstate transmission of electricity. CGA advocates for fair treatment of renewables through this agency when negotiations with MISO fail.

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