Delivering Renewable Energy
to the Electric Grid
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Leveraging Technical Expertise 
and Building Support to Expand Markets

Transmission is a vital component to advancing renewable energy in the Midwest. 

Since most new utility-scale wind and solar resources are located in rural areas, transmission is needed to transport this clean, low-cost energy to the grid. 

Our Approach:

  • Participate:  CGA participates in stakeholder processes at MISO to advocate for transmission projects that will enable access to the electric grid for renewable energy resources and energy storage.
  • Integrate:  CGA actively advocates for renewable energy at MISO to ensure that renewables are efficiently integrated into the electric grid. CGA also supports policies that create a flexible grid that can reliably accommodate large volumes of utility-scale renewables.
  • Stimulate: CGA works to stimulate market conditions that support or enhance the use of renewables and emerging technologies through policy initiatives at MISO.
  • ActivateCGA brings its members together to strategize and participate in planning, market rules, and operations issues to enable the growth of renewable energy resources and battery storage at MISO.




We leverage our technical expertise at MISO to expand the deployment and integration of cost effective renewables on the grid and advocate for expanding market opportunities for renewables.

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MISO developed a series of high-voltage regional transmission lines to improve reliability, relieve congestion, and achieve state public policy requirements, such as Renewable Portfolio Standards.

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MTEP is MISO's process to determine what transmission projects will be needed in the future. WOW's technical and policy expertise is valuable in providing MISO with guidance about future modeling scenarios and methodologies.

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Interregional Planning

America can benefit from delivery of cost-effective Midwest renewable energy resources. CGA works with MISO to find common ground among stakeholder groups in developing effective transmission policies and beneficial interregional lines with neighboring RTOs.

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