|  Mar 22, 2016

Clean Jobs Midwest Report Reports 12,868 Renewable Energy Jobs in Illinois

ST. PAUL, Minn., (March 22, 2016) - According to the new Clean Jobs Midwest report released today, the clean energy economy is growing in every Midwestern state - Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

In response to the report, Wind on the Wires Executive Director Beth Soholt provided the following statement:

"Despite the need to fix the Renewable Portfolio Standard to achieve its overall potential, Illinois still ranks first in the Midwest with over 113,000 clean jobs; 11.30 percent are in the renewable energy sector," said Wind on the Wires Executive Director Beth Soholt. "Wind energy costs have dropped by 66 percent over the past six years, and solar costs have declined 53 percent since 2010.  These dramatic reductions in cost are likely to drive further development, and increase the number of good-paying, family-supporting renewable energy jobs along the way. 

"Strong state policies, like Renewable Portfolio Standards, provide powerful signals to businesses that are looking to make investments that a state is open for business. With the recent extension of the Production Tax Credit for wind and the Investment Tax Credit for solar, now is the time to take advantage of bargain record-low for renewable energy, especially wind."

Renewable Energy Highlights from the Report Include:

  • Renewable energy generation accounts for more than 12,868 jobs in Illinois, with 4,272 jobs in the solar sector, and 3,549 jobs in wind energy.

  • Manufacturing jobs make up 4.56 percent of the clean energy value chain in the state, employing 5,192 people.

The Midwest is clearly at the forefront of our nation's clean energy future. The industry is bringing new jobs and economic growth to our own backyard.

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