|  Feb 05, 2019

Renewable Energy Developers Stand Ready to Help Minnesota Achieve New Clean Energy Milestones

ST. PAUL, MINN. (February 5, 2019) - Today, the House Energy and Climate Committee is hearing a bill to increase Minnesota's Renewable Energy Standard to 85 percent by 2035 and establishes a 100 percent carbon-free standard by 2050.  Clean Grid Alliance and Clean Energy Economy Minnesota support this discussion as an important first step in advancing renewable energy development in Minnesota.

"Minnesotans are currently receiving benefits from the clean and cost-effective renewable energy Minnesota utilities have invested in as a result of the 2007 Next Generation Energy Act. Representative Long's bill would send a signal that Minnesota is serious about a carbon-free future and set a timeline that Minnesotans could count on.  This bill is in line with conversations in surrounding states like Iowa, Illinois and Michigan, and similar to commitments several utilities have made on renewables and carbon-free generation," said Clean Grid Alliance Executive Director Beth Soholt.  "We applaud Rep. Long, Sen. Frentz and the Committee for leading this important discussion," said Soholt.

 "This bill lays out a strong vision and timeline to transform Minnesota's power sector, and we thank Rep. Long and Sen. Frentz for their leadership on this issue. We are supportive of policies that provide aggressive goals for decarbonization and creates a space for clean energy businesses to thrive," said Gregg Mast, Executive Director of Clean Energy Economy Minnesota. "We believe this policy will lead to greater economic growth across the state, the creation of many more well-paying clean energy jobs, as well as increased independence from imported fossil fuels."

"At IPS Solar, we have experienced 600% business growth in the last five years -- and that success is due in large part to policy leadership here at the legislature. As a result of the 2013 Solar Jobs Act we've experienced firsthand what market certainty can do for our business, workforce, and clients. In addition to creating a marketplace that is open for solar companies like ourselves, this bill also supports our mission to help lead the local transition away from fossil fuels toward a 21st-century renewable energy future," said Eric Pasi, Chief Development Officer at IPS Solar.  

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Kelley Welf
Clean Grid Alliance

Amelia Cerling Hennes
Clean Energy Economy Minnesota  


About Clean Grid Alliance (CGA): Clean Grid Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in St. Paul, Minn., that works to advance renewable energy in the Midwest. Its members are comprised of wind, solar, and storage developers, environmental organizations, public interest groups, clean energy advocates, farm groups and businesses providing goods and services to the wind, solar, and storage industries.

About Clean Energy Economy Minnesota (CEEM): CEEM is an industry-led, non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening Minnesota's clean energy business ecosystem. CEEM provides a unified voice for clean energy business across the state. Our mission is to provide educational leadership, collaboration, and policy analysis that accelerates clean energy market growth and smart energy policies.