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David Sapper

David Sapper

Vice President, Transmission & Markets

David has been actively involved in wholesale electricity industry restructuring for nearly 30 years. 

For the past 17 years, David has been Director of Market Intelligence at Customized Energy Solutions (CES), where he provided MISO monitoring and analysis services for a wide range of clients and represented the interests of a group of transmission dependent utilities in MISO stakeholder discussions. Prior to joining CES, as a commissioner's advisor at the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, he helped with the approval of the first high-voltage regional transmission line in decades while helping lead multi-sector stakeholder reviews of MISO's energy market implementation as well as Wisconsin stakeholders' MISO policy initiatives. In the early 2000s as a commissioner's advisor at the (then-named) Tennessee Regulatory Authority, he served on a governor's task force to create a transmission open access pilot program.

David will be responsible for shaping and directing the organization's work to expand transmission, streamline generation interconnections, and facilitate new market opportunities for clean energy growth across the Midcontinent and with neighboring RTOs. As part of this work, he will draw on his experience to seek ways to collaborate productively with other stakeholders and policymakers for sustainable clean energy expansion.

David holds a BA in economics from Trinity University in Texas and a PhD in economics from Vanderbilt University.