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WOW Awarded "Excellence in Transmission Advocacy Award"

Transmission Award Credit zoeica images

Excellence in Transmission Advocacy Award recipients, left to right: Steve Gaw, Wind Coalition; Beth Soholt, Executive Director of Wind on the Wires; Mike Sloan, Virtus Energy. Photo credit: Zoeica Images.

Wind on the Wires was pleased to accept the Excellence in Transmission Advocacy award from AWEA at WINDPOWER 2016, alongside Virtus Energy and the Wind Coalition. Transmission is one of the largest challenges facing the wind industry, as increased transmission capacity is needed to carry wind-generated electricity across state borders. In recent years, over $17 billion has been invested in new transmission in windy locations in ERCOT, SPP, and MISO.

Notably, Wind on the Wires was recognized for work on MISO's Multi Value Projects, which are transmission lines that allowed 14 GW of wind to be delivered, will provide $13-50 billion in net benefits over the next 20-40 years, and result in consumer savings 2.6 to 3.9 times more than their cost. Wind on the Wires also offers technical expertise in many transmission challenges, including bridging the seams between regional power grids like MISO and SPP and advocating the importance of transmission projects to decision makers.

To learn more about Wind on the Wires’ work in transmission advocacy, please visit our MVP webpage, and follow us on Twitter at @WindOnTheWires.

Read the full story about all three award recipients from the AWEA blog here.

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