Demonstrated Results 

Strategic, persistent and vigilant, Clean Grid Alliance has a demonstrated track record of success. We work on technical, regulatory and legislative issues at the state level and at MISO, as well as public and media education about the benefits of renewable energy.

Below are just a few of our successes:

Technical & Regulatory

  • Advance positive policies and defend against anti-renewables policies in key Midwest states

  • Engange in MISO stakeholder process to ensure fair market rules and operating practices for renewables integration

  • Sucessfully advocate for MISO's MVP portfolio of 17 transmissionlines and equitable cost allocation

  • Lead efforts to improve MISO queue process

  • Prevailed in nearly every case brought before FERC in recent years, including 2016 MISO queue reform decision

  • Represent the Environmental Sector on MISO Advisory Committee, Planning Advisory Committee, Interconnection Process Task Force, RECB Task Force, Market Subcommittee and more

State Legislative
  • Achieve and implement RPS laws and goals in CGA footprint
  • Protect and improve state tax laws and siting regulations for renewable energy sources
  • Help pass state legislation encouraging new transmission and fair cost recovery
Outreach, Education & Media
  • Rigorous media advocacy to amplify the positive story about wind energy in the Midwest

  • Promote renewables to local, state and federal officials through site tours, public engagement and other work

  • Provide clean energy businesses with media and advocacy training opportunities