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Renewables First

Clean Energy Jobs Offer New Opportunities

November 2021 Blog Title

Clean energy jobs may have declined during COVID, but the future of the workforce is still looking bright. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, renewable energy was the only power source that stayed in high demand. Construction activity never completely ceased, resulting in the highest number of renewable energy installations to date in 2020.

North Dakota Retrains its Energy Workforce

Losing your job can be a terrible experience, especially if you need to acquire new skills to   […]   Read More »

CGA Gears up for American Clean Power Week

We Celebrate 1200x628

This week, the renewable energy community is celebrating the first ever American Clean Power Week, a nationwide celebration of clean energy and the good-paying jobs the industry creates for Americans across all 50 states. Renewables are powering homes and businesses, creating jobs, investing in communities, reducing costs for consumers, and helping to reduce carbon emissions across the nation. 

MISO_States_Fact_Table_RevisedClean   […]   Read More »

A Conversation with Priti Patel, Great River Energy, on Transmission Development

Oct 2021 Blog   Transmission

With the growing amount of renewable energy additions to the grid, transmission development is crucial. Priti Patel, Vice President and Chief Transmission Officer at Minnesota-based Great River Energy (GRE) gives the low-down on all things transmission: what it’s like to work in an important industry, how industry partners are getting involved and what the public needs to know.

Great River Energy is a member of Grid North Partners (formerly known as CapX2020),   […]   Read More »

20 Years of Big Moments: Regional Electric Transmission Planning to Support a Clean Energy Future

MVP Blog Title 1

With the rise in wind and solar power resulting from lower prices and higher demand, transmission development has never been more important. However, there have been significant road blocks in the quest to create a clean energy market and bring large amounts of renewable energy onto the grid in the Midwest. Clean Grid Alliance (CGA) has spent the last 20 years as the “power behind the power” working with legislators, regulators, NGO colleague organizations, and many other   […]   Read More »

Clean Energy Jobs are the Future

Sep 2021 Blog Title

Renewable energy’s resiliency has provided the country with reliable power, and a stable source of income for Americans. Despite the onslaught of COVID-related losses, renewable energy was the only power source that did not have a decline in demand. Because construction activity never completely ceased, 2020 saw the highest number of renewable energy installations to date, and a record number of people are still receiving a hard-earned paycheck.

Clean energy jobs took a slight dip   […]   Read More »

The Faster the Better – MISO’s Improved Interconnection Process Saves Precious Time

MISO Blog Title Sep 2021 1

For an economy and a culture that thrives on fast cars, fast food, and instant gratification for virtually everything, the very lengthy process for interconnecting renewable energy resources into the electric grid is frustrating, to say the least.

In order to connect new generation resources, like wind or solar, to the transmission grid, a developer must work through the Generator Interconnection Process (GIP). During this process, projects are studied to determine if any upgrades are needed   […]   Read More »

Guess Who? Profile of a CGA Employee, Member, and Board Chair

Champions Newsletter Logo PowerBehindPower Lockup 3

Clean Grid Alliance is truly a special organization. Why? Continuity. 

Over the past 20 years, there has been a very clear continuity of mission, members, and message.  CGA is a unique blend of members from the corporate and nonprofit sectors as well as philanthropic partners that have focused on one main mission for two decades – delivering Midwest renewable energy to the marketplace.

CGA is also the beneficiary of someone who not only   […]   Read More »

Solar Energy Lights Up the Midwest

August 2021 Blog Title

The country is running more and more on renewables – and solar energy is rising to the top. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, renewable energy demand never fell. In fact, 2020 saw the highest number of installations ever! That’s lead to 103 gigawatts (GW) of operating solar powering 18.6 million American homes across the country, and there’s much more in store. The Energy Information Association predicts 15.4 GW of new utility-scale solar capacity this year.   […]   Read More »