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Renewables First

Minnesota Renewable Energy Job Growth Is the Focus of New Report and Case Study

Minnesotas Massive Renewable Energy Job Growth   Clean Grid Alliance

Minnesota is a national leader in the advancement of renewable energy and is home to over 180 companies working in the wind, solar, and storage industries according to a recent report by the Wind Energy Foundation’s “A Renewable America” campaign. The report also stated over 8,700 Minnesota jobs are supported by these technologies alone.

At a press conference to celebrate the significant job growth in Minnesota’s renewable energy sector, representatives from the two companies featured   […]   Read More »

What's On the Modern Electric Grid?

Whats On the Modern Electric Grid   Clean Grid Alliance

The U.S. electricity system is in the midst of a massive transition toward clean energy, as indicated by policies, economics, customer demand, and electric grid managers. In fact, wind and solar energy have surpassed 10.5  percent of the country’s installed generating capacity.  And, the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab has found that wind and solar could provide 40 to 50 percent of our needs by 2030. By powering our economy with   […]   Read More »

3 Takeaways from "Wake-up with WOW"

3 Take aways from 22Wake up with WOW22   Clean Grid Alliance

It was an historic day for Wind on the Wires at the “Wake-up with WOW” breakfast on September 11 as two major announcements were made and the leaders of the wind, solar, and energy storage associations appeared together for the first time ever. 

Introducing: Clean Grid Alliance

Wind on the Wires announced at its annual gala that it has officially rebranded and is now “Clean Grid Alliance.”  Clean Grid Alliance’s (CGA’s) Executive   […]   Read More »

Clean Energy Could Create Tens of Thousands of Minnesota Jobs

Clean Energy Could Create Tens of Thousands of Minnesota Jobs   Clean Grid Alliance

A new report has found that Minnesota is a renewable energy leader. Today, there are over 180 Minnesota companies working in wind, solar, and energy storage industries, and employing over 8,700 workers. The report, produced by the Wind Energy Foundation’s A Renewable America campaign,  highlights the recent growth of two Minnesota companies, Ulteig, and Mortenson, and just how many additional jobs we can expect renewable energy to provide as it continues to grow.

Wind   […]   Read More »

Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line is a Necessary Improvement and will Enable Renewable Energy

Cardinal Hickory Creek Transmission Line is a Necessary Improvement and will Enable Renewable Energy

Let’s face it.  There’s nothing sexy about investing in “under-the-hood” or “down-in-the-basement” repairs and maintenance. Yet, such investments are necessary for the successful operation of your home or car. Similarly, it’s necessary to invest in our “behind the light switch” infrastructure in order to maintain the integrity of our electric system and ensure the reliable delivery of the lowest-cost energy sources to our citizens.  MISO, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, has determined that the proposed Cardinal-Hickory   […]   Read More »

Renewable Energy Jobs Are Skyrocketing in the Midwest

Renewable Energy Jobs Are Skyrocketing in the Midwest   Wind on the Wires

The Midwest is now home to 714,257 clean energy jobs, according to the 2018 Clean Jobs Midwest Report published by Clean Energy Trust and Environmental Entrepreneurs. Clean energy workers do a lot more than install solar panels and wind turbines — this industry includes energy efficiency workers, advancing technology for our electric grid, researching clean fuels, and figuring out ways to advance our transportation.

There’s a strong case for business optimism for the industry,   […]   Read More »

It's American Wind Week, Let's Celebrate!

Blog Post   8 5   AWW 1

American Wind Week is here, and it’s a great time to celebrate America’s #1 source of renewable energy. The United States of America has some of the best wind resources in the entire world. The coasts and the nation’s heartland are often referred to as the “Saudi Arabia of wind energy.” As a result, America has emerged as a leader in this industry thanks to our world-class natural resources and our innovation in power engineering   […]   Read More »

Just Smart: Wind Energy Boosts Energy Independence in America

Wind Energy Boosts Energy Independence in America   Wind on the Wires

One very important component that helps keep the U.S. economy humming is the availability of cheap, reliable electricity to power our lives. Investing in low-cost wind energy to stay competitive and bolster our energy independence is just smart. We all take energy for granted – and that’s a good thing! But, if we want to keep benefitting from cheap power at the flick of a switch, we need to put our energy future into our own   […]   Read More »