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Renewables First

Renewables Support American Energy Independence

July 2021 Blog Title

We’re all benefitting from cheap power at the flick of a switch! Renewable energy resources like wind and solar have become U.S. economic powerhouses as more and more homes and businesses are running on low-cost, reliable, clean electricity. But, if we want to keep our bills low, and protect ourselves from price fluctuations, we need to take our energy future into our own hands.

One great way to bolster our energy independence is by investing   […]   Read More »

Looking Back on 20 Years

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On June 12, 2001, Clean Grid Alliance – then known as Wind on the Wires – held its first Advisory Committee meeting.  Wind on the Wires was launched as a two-year project of the Izaak Walton League, and funded by the McKnight Foundation and Energy Foundation to develop renewable energy resources in the Upper Midwest. It was the centerpiece of a much larger, $4.5 million round of funding by the two foundations. Then,   […]   Read More »

Governors Recognize that Transmission is Key to Addressing Climate Change

LRTP Blog Title

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, a robust transmission grid is critical to both addressing climate change and to keeping the lights on for consumers.  Recently, four Midwest Governors sent a letter to the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), the region’s transmission operator, indicating their support for MISO’s Long-Range Transmission Planning (LRTP) effort, and urging MISO to move forward expeditiously to ensure that the region has the grid capacity needed to respond to   […]   Read More »

Securing Indiana Landowner Property Rights will Demonstrate that the Renewable Energy Sector is Open for Business

IN State Blog Title

It’s a fact. The U.S. is transitioning away from fossil fuels and embracing the great benefits of renewable energy. Wind and solar energy are reliably powering homes and businesses across the Midwest at record low prices, and investment and jobs are booming. For the Hoosier state, renewables are contributing $7 billion to the economy.

Indiana is blessed with strong wind and solar energy resources and access to good energy markets. Renewable   […]   Read More »

Minnesota Reaps Benefits from Dramatic Increase in Wind and Solar Revenue

May 2021 Blog Title

Minnesota’s clean energy leadership continues to grow. Renewables, including wind, solar and storage were Minnesota’s largest power provider in 2020, delivering 29 percent of the state’s electricity. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, wind and solar energy have provided economic stability for Minnesotans in all corners of the state. For nearly two decades, counties and landowners have benefitted from the wind and solar production tax revenue coming from the renewable energy industry.

Production taxes from   […]   Read More »

Renewable Energy Protects Our Planet

Earth Day 2021 Blog Title

Happy Earth Day! It’s that time of year when we like to acknowledge the many benefits renewable energy provides for our planet.

As America transitions away from fossil fuels, the clean energy sector has taken on the task of keeping the lights on while providing reliable, low-cost electricity that leaves no carbon footprint. Renewables now produce about 20 percent of the nation’s electricity. Clean air and water, and decreased greenhouse gas emissions means a higher quality   […]   Read More »

Iowa’s Clean Energy Leadership is Paying Off

Iowa State Blog Title 2021

Despite a tough year, the renewable energy industry is resiliently powering through to provide affordable, reliable electricity for customers across the Midwest. Among the vast open fields of America’s Heartland, Iowa remains a clean energy leader. The Hawkeye State clean energy economy is growing, and already earning $19 billion for the state’s economy.

With over 10,000 megawatts (MW), wind energy is Iowa’s biggest power producer. Iowa gets nearly 60 percent of its in-state electricity production   […]   Read More »

Transmission and RTOs play a pivotal role in a clean energy future

REW Title

Guess what?  America is on the road to a clean energy transformation. Our lives and our economy are becoming more electrified, and cleaner, as a result of the growth of renewable energy generation. In 2019, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported 8.8 percent of utility-scale electricity was generated by wind and solar. With record capacity additions from wind and solar energy in 2020 announced recently by various outlets, that needle is moving up.

The Upper Midwest   […]   Read More »