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Renewables First

Wisconsin Wins with Wind and Solar

Wisconsin State Blog Title

As technology innovations accelerate project development and prices decrease, Wisconsin’s clean energy economy is growing every day. Wind prices have declined 70 percent in the last decade, and solar prices have dropped 88 percent since 2009, which means an increase in economic opportunities. Currently, Wisconsin receives over $1.6 billion in private investment from the renewable energy industry. Most importantly, the Badger state is benefiting from stable incomes for landowners, well-paying jobs for local communities, and of   […]   Read More »

Wind Turbine Recycling and Disposal

October 2020 Blog Title

Wind energy is one of the country’s leaders in advancing the transition to clean energy. Thanks to technological advancements, prices for this renewable energy source are plummeting. The price of wind energy has fallen 70 percent in the last decade, making it the cheapest source of renewable energy on the market. However, as older projects reach the end of their lifespan, the question of how to sustainably dispose of them is coming to the forefront.

Wind   […]   Read More »

South Dakota is Building a Clean Energy Future

SD State Blog Title   2020

From the prairies to the Black Hills, South Dakota is growing its clean energy economy in a big way. Thanks to the efforts of the renewable energy industry, landowners and surrounding communities, South Dakota has already received over $3 billion in cumulative wind project investment.

South Dakota gets about 24 percent of its in-state electricity production from wind power, ranking fifth in the country and powering more than 200,000 homes. With 1,742 megawatts (MW)   […]   Read More »

4 Reasons Clean Energy Jobs Are Just Smart

September 2020 Blog Title

Jobs are one of the biggest sources of economic stimulation. While 131,000 clean energy jobs in the Midwest were lost due to COVID-19, they are beginning to return. Clean energy jobs offer unique opportunities that are helping to keep the country going. Here are just four reasons we think clean energy jobs are “just smart:”

1.       Clean energy jobs have a wide reach.

Jobs within the clean energy sector   […]   Read More »

American Wind Week: How Wind is Building the Future

August 2020 Blog Title

Every year, the wind industry recognizes American Wind Week – a celebration of the benefits and milestones of a reliable energy source that reduces carbon and fosters economic development. Providing power for over seven percent of the nation (over 32 million homes), American wind energy is doing more than just powering our homes – it’s building our future.

Despite the setbacks of 2020, wind energy is still powering American homes across the country. This wouldn’t   […]   Read More »

Iowa is a Field of Opportunity for Renewables

Iowa State Blog Title

In times of change and innovation, the renewable energy industry is seeking to reduce the effects of carbon and other harmful greenhouse gases while providing affordable, reliable electricity for customers. In the heart of the Midwest, surrounded by fields of opportunity, Iowa is growing its clean energy economy. With the bulk of its electricity deriving from renewables, this has translated into $19 billion for the state’s economy.

Iowa gets about 42 percent of its in-state electricity   […]   Read More »

Clean Energy Jobs Can Help the Economy Recover

July 2020 Blog Title

Renewable energy has kept the country going with clean, reliable electricity. While renewables have proven to be a stable energy source, industry employment has taken a hit in 2020. More than 131,000 clean energy workers in the Midwest lost their jobs within the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the renewable energy industry is taking matters into their own hands to help, and it turns out clean energy jobs may be able to help   […]   Read More »

Indiana's Power Sector is On the Rise

Indiana State Blog Title

The U.S. is transitioning away from fossil fuels and embracing the great benefits of renewable energy. Wind and solar energy are reliably powering homes across the Midwest at record low prices, and investment and jobs are booming. For the Hoosier state, renewables are contributing a massive $5 billion to the economy.

Ranking 13th in the country for installed wind capacity, Indiana has an impressive 2,317 megawatts (MW) on line. That’s enough wind to power nearly   […]   Read More »