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Renewables First

Renewable Energy Jobs - A Smart Move

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Looking for a job in a growing industry? The renewable energy industry is a smart move. Minnesota’s clean energy jobs are reaching new heights. In the last year, the renewable job market grew two and a half times faster than the overall economy, and twice as fast in Minnesota, ranking 6th in the Midwest. Now standing at an astounding 61,047 jobs (a 4.7 percent increase) in sectors including wind, solar and storage, Minnesota continues to   […]   Read More »

#AmericanWindWeek: Wind powers opportunity in our everyday lives

By Guest Author | Aug. 14, 2019
Today we’re focusing on the ways wind powers opportunity in our everyday lives—the products and services we use and the stores we visit are increasingly powered by wind energy.

A lot of times, we don’t even think about all the ways electricity touches our lives. When we flip the switch, we expect the lights to turn on and we want our   […]   Read More »

Plenty of Land to Go Around

Meme 41   Solar Never Fails As A Cash Crop

As solar prices continue to fall, the demand for it is increasing.  More and more utilities, corporations and the general public want electricity produced from solar farms. They are attracted to its environmental and economic benefits. 

RPSSESMinnesota currently has a 1.5% Solar Energy Standard (SES) and a state goal of reaching 10 percent solar by 2030. This is separate from Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES).   […]   Read More »

Illinois' Bright Clean Energy Future

Blog Post   6 25 19

Illinois is a leader in wind power in the nation — and the future of solar and energy storage is growing. Renewable energy is poised to continue delivering the benefits of clean energy for years to come. 

Illinois is currently 6th in the nation for installed wind capacity with over 2,300 MW of wind energy — enough to power 1,231,900 homes with clean, low-cost wind power. It also has a whopping 34 active manufacturing facilities that help make   […]   Read More »

Wind, Solar and Storage Are Powering US Economy

Blog Post   6 6 19

The US economy revved its engine in 2018, and renewable energy is powering alongside. The 2019 Factbook from the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Bloomberg New Energy Finance highlights the recent growth of the renewable energy industry as the power sector continues to de-carbonize. In 2018, 19.5 GW of new renewable energy capacity was installed, mainly from wind and solar. Wind and solar power are increasingly powering our growing economy and providing new jobs and record-low   […]   Read More »

Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line will help deliver low-cost wind energy

By Guest Author | Jun. 5, 2019
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Building transmission infrastructure is necessary to keep up with the demands of our society’s growing dependence on electricity. Transmission lines like Cardinal-Hickory Creek have the added benefit of delivering wind energy from where it is harvested to where it is used. Since our electric grid operates at a regional level, states connect and trade electricity with other states in a market system, which helps ensure our electric grid is reliable and delivers the lowest-cost energy. 

  […]   Read More »

Indiana Is Winning with Clean Energy

Indiana Is Winning With Clean Energy   Clean Grid Alliance

Indiana has a lot to be proud of in regards to clean energy. With the second-most clean energy jobs in the Midwest, Hoosiers can be proud of the wind and solar energy being built in the state. Clean energy isn’t just providing low-cost electricity for the state — it’s investing in the economy with family-supporting jobs and delivering sizable environmental benefits year-round.

Indiana is currently 12th in the nation for installed wind capacity with over 2,300 MW of wind energy   […]   Read More »

Rural America: Alive and Thriving with Renewable Energy

Blog Post   5 10 19

Life is a lot about relationships, isn’t it?  We have personal relationships, which range from casual acquaintances to BFFs (Best Friends Forever).  Similarly, there are business relationships and partnerships that can make or break a business.  Finding those mutually-beneficial relationships in our personal and professional lives is important and can add tremendous value.

Renewable energy is a great business partner for farmers as well as rural communities and farmers should be free to make an honest   […]   Read More »