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Renewables First

Clean Energy Is Strengthening Minnesota’s Future

Clean Energy Is Strengthening Minnesotas Future   Clean Grid Alliance

Did you know that Minnesota now gets 25 percent of its electricity from renewable sources? Minnesota has been harnessing the raw power of the sun and the wind for more than two decades.  Why?  There are lots of reasons, but one simple reason rises to the top: it makes good business sense. Companies and utilities across the state have begun building more wind and solar farms because they are the least-cost option for powering our economy. 

Low-cost wind   […]   Read More »

What Midwestern Electric Utilities Are Saying About Clean Energy

What Midwestern Electric Utilities Are Saying About Clean Energy   Wind on the Wires

The energy industry has experienced a lot of change, particularly because the cost of wind and solar energy has plummeted faster than experts ever expected. Many electric utilities have taken advantage of this cheap, home-grown renewable energy and the benefits it brings to their customers, their bottom line, our economy, and our environment.

You don’t have to take it from us — read on to learn how – and why – electric utilities are investing   […]   Read More »

Every remarkable way wind is pioneering rural America’s bright future

Every Remarkable Way Wind is Pioneering Rural Americas Bright Future   Clean Grid Alliance

The ultimate, simplified truth about how rural communities benefit from wind power.

As America’s wind power boom spreads across the U.S., it’s bringing unmatched economic development into rural communities. Wind farms are an investment in a community’s future, making it a cleaner, financially-secure community with even deeper roots. For small communities with few opportunities to attract companies that can bring jobs, economic development, and a new source of revenue, wind is a perfect partner. 

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The State of Minnesota Clean Energy

The State of Minnesota Clean Energy   Clean Grid Alliance

With the 2019 Minnesota legislative session in full swing and committee deadlines looming on the horizon, there’s no shortage of energy bills vying for votes from legislators. Proposed bills cover the gamut of clean energy, ranging from energy efficiency, energy storage, and many bills to guide the future of clean energy in the state.


As legislators decide how to best guide the future of clean energy in our state, it’s important to highlight the many   […]   Read More »

In the Midwest, technology not a replacement for transmission lines

By Guest Author | Jan. 24, 2019
Substation and Transmission Pole

Smart grid upgrades may offer less risk in some areas, but experts say conventional transmission projects are still needed in others.

Back in 2011, MISO approved plans for a massive 17-line transmission project that spanned from Montana to Ohio. While it reviewed the plan, the regional grid operator, which manages the electric grid in a corridor from the Upper Midwest to the Louisiana Gulf Coast, juggled three separate and thorny issues.

The grid needed strengthening in places,   […]   Read More »

Wind and Solar Just Cleared a Massive Hurdle

Wind and Solar Just Cleared a Massive Hurdle   Clean Grid Alliance

Every November, energy wonks gather around their computers, eagerly awaiting the release of Lazard’s annual Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) report. This report is a deep dive into the unsubsidized costs of different electricity sources in the U.S. - coal, natural gas, wind, solar, etc. - and gives us an apples-to-apples comparison. This is important because when it comes to choosing how we generate our electricity, cost is by far the most important factor. This year’s big   […]   Read More »

Wind Energy and Birds

Wind Energy and Birds   Clean Grid Alliance

It goes without saying that no human activity is completely devoid of potential impact on the environment. However, studies consistently show that wind energy is much less harmful to wildlife than the traditional energy sources it displaces. In fact, not only is wind energy one of the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly ways to generate electricity, but it is supported by The Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, and the World Wildlife Fund.

It is a reality   […]   Read More »

Minnesota Renewable Energy Job Growth Is the Focus of New Report and Case Study

Minnesotas Massive Renewable Energy Job Growth   Clean Grid Alliance

Minnesota is a national leader in the advancement of renewable energy and is home to over 180 companies working in the wind, solar, and storage industries according to a recent report by the Wind Energy Foundation’s “A Renewable America” campaign. The report also stated over 8,700 Minnesota jobs are supported by these technologies alone.

At a press conference to celebrate the significant job growth in Minnesota’s renewable energy sector, representatives from the two companies featured   […]   Read More »