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Renewables First

Wind, Solar and Storage Are Powering US Economy

Blog Post   6 6 19

The US economy revved its engine in 2018, and renewable energy is powering alongside. The 2019 Factbook from the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Bloomberg New Energy Finance highlights the recent growth of the renewable energy industry as the power sector continues to de-carbonize. In 2018, 19.5 GW of new renewable energy capacity was installed, mainly from wind and solar. Wind and solar power are increasingly powering our growing economy and providing new jobs and record-low   […]   Read More »

Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line will help deliver low-cost wind energy

By Guest Author | Jun. 5, 2019
Letter Writing

Building transmission infrastructure is necessary to keep up with the demands of our society’s growing dependence on electricity. Transmission lines like Cardinal-Hickory Creek have the added benefit of delivering wind energy from where it is harvested to where it is used. Since our electric grid operates at a regional level, states connect and trade electricity with other states in a market system, which helps ensure our electric grid is reliable and delivers the lowest-cost energy. 

  […]   Read More »

Indiana Is Winning with Clean Energy

Indiana Is Winning With Clean Energy   Clean Grid Alliance

Indiana has a lot to be proud of in regards to clean energy. With the second-most clean energy jobs in the Midwest, Hoosiers can be proud of the wind and solar energy being built in the state. Clean energy isn’t just providing low-cost electricity for the state — it’s investing in the economy with family-supporting jobs and delivering sizable environmental benefits year-round.

Indiana is currently 12th in the nation for installed wind capacity with over 2,300 MW of wind energy   […]   Read More »

Rural America: Alive and Thriving with Renewable Energy

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Life is a lot about relationships, isn’t it?  We have personal relationships, which range from casual acquaintances to BFFs (Best Friends Forever).  Similarly, there are business relationships and partnerships that can make or break a business.  Finding those mutually-beneficial relationships in our personal and professional lives is important and can add tremendous value.

Renewable energy is a great business partner for farmers as well as rural communities and farmers should be free to make an honest   […]   Read More »

Multiple Groups Line Up to Support Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line for its Economic and Environmental Benefits

C HC WI IA Proposed WI Routes

The Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line is a much-needed addition to the Midwest electric grid that will deliver multiple benefits. The new transmission line will help facilitate the Midwest’s transition to clean, renewable energy while offering reliability, energy security, and enabling an economic wholesale power market.  The project will reduce congestion, improve access to new, economic wind and solar projects, and reduce curtailment from operating wind farms. The cost of wind has fallen 66 percent since 2009,   […]   Read More »

Clean Energy Is Delivering Sizable Environmental Benefits

Clean Energy Environmental Benefits   Clean Grid Alliance

Earth Day is on April 22, which means it’s the time of year to celebrate the environmental benefits that clean renewable energy projects are bringing to America all year long.

Everyone benefits from clean air, clean water, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to low-cost wind and solar power, clean energy is also delivering a cleaner, healthier America. That’s good for our environment and our economy.

Wind energy avoids over 201 million metric tons of CO2 annually, which   […]   Read More »

Wind Energy Production Tax Delivers $12 Million to Rural Minnesota Counties for 2018

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More than $106 million paid since 2004

The Minnesota Department of Revenue Property Tax Division compiled the amount of wind energy production tax revenue that is paid to counties earlier this month.  Since 2004, wind companies have paid $106,814,805 in such payments, which are funneled back to the rural Minnesota counties that host wind developments.

Statewide, Mower County ranks first in the state for the amount of wind energy production tax   […]   Read More »

Clean Energy Is Strengthening Minnesota’s Future

Clean Energy Is Strengthening Minnesotas Future   Clean Grid Alliance

Did you know that Minnesota now gets 25 percent of its electricity from renewable sources? Minnesota has been harnessing the raw power of the sun and the wind for more than two decades.  Why?  There are lots of reasons, but one simple reason rises to the top: it makes good business sense. Companies and utilities across the state have begun building more wind and solar farms because they are the least-cost option for powering our economy. 

Low-cost wind   […]   Read More »