Public Education

Public Education
Educating and Advocating
for Renewable Energy
public education

Leveraging Technical Expertise and
Building Support to Expand Markets

CGA is a trusted source for fact-based information on renewable energy.

To help reach the point of broad acceptance of renewables, ongoing public education and outreach are needed.  We provide and champion this work.

Our Approach:

  • Educate:  CGA works to educate law-makers, decision makers at state regulatory agencies, the media and the general public about the benefits of renewable energy.
  • Activate:  CGA mobilizes its members to attend legislative and regulatory agency hearings, and become active advocates for renewables in their local communities and the media.
  • Coordinate:  CGA coordinates with its members and other NGO partners to advance the public conversation about renewable energy through the media. 


The Internet is full of myths and misinformation. Get answers to frequently asked questions about wind energy and renewables from reliable, credible sources.

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Find useful links to reports and studies on economic benefits, peer-reviewed health studies, wildlife protection, property values, reliability and much more.

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Fact Sheets

Handy one-page facts about the benefits wind energy brings to rural communities, costs, reliability and more!

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Glossary of Terms

The energy industry is full of acronyms. Check out our list of the most common energy terms.

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Your voice matters! Find out how you can support renewable energy at the legislature, in regulatory proceedings, and in the media with these helpful tools. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on the latest issues.

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Helpful Links

More links to credible sources of energy information.

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